About us

VMeetSwim is about keeping swimmers motivated and enabling them to compete virtually around the world.

Join our growing global community of swimmers and coaches.

Swimming is a difficult sport and it can be hard to stay motivated. Often the most engaging experiences are competitions, but they can be expensive to attend and don’t happen every week! At VMeetSwim, we aim to bring the competition to your pool to keep you motivated so you can become the best swimmer you can be. We are a free-to-use, honesty-based platform that facilitates virtual meets in which you can compete with swimmers all over the world!

Any team can host a meet on VMeetSwim. You can create public meets where any other team on the site can join or create private meets where you choose which teams to race against. You can even create private meets just for your team to track and compare times for a training session.

Every time for a swimmer is stored and visible in the progress chart on the swimmer’s page. Here you can track times not just for regular swims, but pull, kick, skull, and more. We also have a global rankings page where you can see the top swimmers in each age group for each event.

If you want to learn more, email us at theteam@vmeetswim.com or contact us on social media.