Torpedo Swimtalk Masters Swim Meet Results

Torpedo Swimtalk Masters Swim Meet Results

The Torpedo Swimtalk Masters Swim Meet is over! This was the first meet exclusively for swimmers over the ages of 18 and was hosted by Torpedo Swimtalk, the hub for all things masters swimming!

By Alix Knagg on Apr 5, 2022

The Torpedo Swimtalk Masters Swim Meet is over! This was the first meet exclusively for swimmers over the ages of 18 and was hosted by Torpedo Swimtalk, the hub for all things masters swimming!

The great thing about this meet was that swimmers could compete from the comfort of their own pool! Swimmers could either enter times from licensed meets or from times taken from training! Due to covid, many masters swim meets have been cancelled or postponed and this competition gave swimmers the opportunity to still compete!

The meet was open from the middle of January to the end of March and during this time approximately 100 times were entered into the meet by swimmers from across the globe! Swimmers from three different continents entered their times, this included swimmers from Australia, America and the United Kingdom!

There were some fantastic times! Check out the top swims on Instagram here and here.

A special mention needs to go to David Bale, an S9 Multiclass swimmer from Canberra! David entered his times from the NSW country championships Multiclass and the ACT Championships, where he won multiple medals! David competed in the most events across the meet, entering times for 6 different events! Over the course of the meet, he also improved his 100m Freestyle from 1:16.70 to 1:13.01! Well done David!

Krystie Rodger also had a great meet! Krystie, based in the U.K. swam for the Torpedo Swimtalk team, normally she can be found swimming for the Trojans! She had the top times in the 35-39 age group in the five events she entered!

Master’s world record holder and ex-national swimmer Ryosuke Imai dominated the breaststroke events! That is to be expected from the first Japanese breaststroker to break the 1-minute barrier for the 100m breaststroke! Ryosuke entered a swift 29.17 and 1:05.27 for the 50m and 100m breaststroke respectively, taking the top spot in the 40-44 years age group!

Jo Corben, another master's world record holder also entered some very impressive times. The multi-record holder posted a speedy 34.53 in the 50m backstroke and a swift 37.95 in the 50m butterfly, both times securing her the top spot in the 50-54 year age group and made her the fastest overall woman in both events. Listen to Jo talk about her experience with VMeetSwim here.

Darius Schultz, swimming for the Torpedo Swimtalk team, managed to make great improvements over the course of the meet! Advancing from a 1:04.12 LC in January to a 59.77 SC (from a push!) in March!

Nothing was stopping Mark Huggins either! Mark, aged 61 from Australia! Mark entered his times from the Master Swimming Victoria Championships, where he won gold in the 50m freestyle in 29.93 and came 4th in the 50m Butterfly in 35.89! Both these times were entered into the meet, along with a speedy time of 30.50 in the 25m Freestyle Kick!

In addition to the traditional events, this meet also had swimmers competing in a 25m freestyle kick with a board! There was some great competition with Leyland Baracuda swimmer Brandon Davies, Jack Johnson, and Steven Allcock entering times all under 20 seconds! Each swimmer placed first in their respective age categories! On the women's side Danielle Spurling, the Torpedo Swimtalk founder posted a fast time of 24.20 and was the fastest in the 55-59 age group! Fellow Torpedo Swimtalk team swimmers, Sharon Newstead and Sandra Rogers also attempted the kick challenge and posted impressive times! Alice Ward from Brentwood SC also powered through the 25m and won the 18-24 age group! Well done everyone, hope your legs didn’t burn too much!

There were so many more fantastic performances and thank you to everyone who took part! The fun doesn’t have to end here, there are many more amazing challenges and events taking place on VMeetSwim! There will also be a masters training-based challenge hopefully coming in the near future! If none of the events catch your eye you can create your own! Or you can keep adding your times to the site, both from training and competitions, and track your progress on the progress chart found on your profile page! If you have any questions, please message us!

We hope you all had fun and enjoyed these last few months as much as we did! We are constantly looking to improve the website and make it more user-friendly! We would love to hear about your experience using the site and any feedback you might have, please message us on any of our social media platforms or email us the