Need for Speed Championship Results

Need for Speed Championship Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Need for Speed Championship! There were over 200 times entered into this fun sprint meet!

By Alix Knagg on Apr 7, 2022

The meet has been open since the start of the year and ended this past weekend. The championship was open to swimmers of all ages from around the world and it was great to see swimmers ranging from 12 to 61 taking part!

For the 12 and under age group Brentwood SC swimmers, Filip Pop and Dexter Wakerly took the top spots in the 25m freestyle and backstroke respectively! Brentwood was very active during this championship and entered 38 times! Well done to all the Brentwood swimmers!

Fergus Bell from Ulverston ASC was a speed master and managed to win 3 out of the 4 events in the Men's 13 to 14 years age group! Fergus posted the top times in the freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly! Very impressive! Lee Boka managed to knock Fergus off the top spot in the 25m breaststroke, posting an impressive time of 17.10!

The results in the Women's 13 to 14 years were spread between swimmers from Cockermouth SC and Ulverston SC! Amber Rigg from Cockermouth won the 25m Freestyle in a rapid 14.30! Ulverston swimmer Olivia Penellum swam her way to victory in the backstroke and breaststroke events, posting times of 17.25 and 18.72. In the Butterfly sprint, it was Izzy Kennington, also from Ulverston who took the top spot in a time of 17.00! Well done girls!

Brentwood’s Men dominated in the Breaststroke events, in addition to Lee’s success, Freddie Weston won the Men's 15-16 years in 15.50! Jacob Stephen also triumphed in the Men’s 17-18 years in an impressive 14.60, this was the top time in the meet!

In the other 15-16 year Men’s events, Ethan Allpress had great success winning the backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle! Ethan was also the fastest backstroker in the meet, getting to the 25m in 15.13 seconds! In the 17-18 years, teammate Gyoktug Molla also won the same events as Ethan. Additionally, he produced the fastest overall time in the freestyle with a rapid 13.06 and the fastest overall time in the butterfly with a 13.28!

Ulverston SC swimmers took top spots in all of Women’s 15-16 and 17-18 events! Jamie-Leigh Tyson had two wins in the breaststroke and freestyle events, she was also the fastest female breaststroker, swimming a 14.07! Teammates Olivia Penellum and Annabel Crayston rounded up this age group, winning the Backstroke and Butterfly events respectively. Annabels’ speedy 25m fly time of 13.40 also secured her the top female spot in this event! In the age group above, Lily Smith’s times of 16.56, 14.44, and 14.32 made her the fastest backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle swimmer! Amelia Mardel stopped Lily from taking all the titles and won the breaststroke with a time of 18.75!

There were also a number of masters swimmer who took part in the championship! Straight after her success in the Torpedo Swimtalk Masters Swim Meet, Alice Ward from Brentwood Sc won the 19-24 25m Freestyle! In the Men’s race, Brandon Davies won this age group! He also added a backstroke win to his name! Fellow Leyland Barracudas teammates, Jack Johson and Steve Allcock also posted top times in the backstroke and freestyle events in the 30-34 and 45-49 age groups! All three teammates posted very similar times, only 0.5 separated them in the freestyle events, with Brandon coming out on top in a 13.73! There was only 0.14 separating them in the backstroke events, with Brandon and Steve posting matching times of 16.02! Shelley Hall, also from Leyland won the 45-49 age group in the backstroke and freestyle sprints! Shelley has had a busy few months as she also entered numerous events in the Torpedo Swimtalk Meet!

Indya Sharp from Ulverston SC posted swift times in the backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke events! In the latter race, she posted the fastest female overall time, getting to the wall in 16.84 seconds! Almost 2 seconds ahead of the competition!

There were also three swimmers from the Torpedo Swimtalk Team who posted some great times! Sandra Roger and Sharon Newstead both swimming in the 55-59 age group entered times from 9,500 miles away with Sandra in the UK and Sharon in Australia! Sandra won the freestyle and butterfly events and Sharon won the backstroke! Mark Huggins also entered his times from the Masters Swimming Victoria Short Course Championships in Australia! Mark went an impressive 13.41 in the freestyle, 17.59 in the breaststroke, and 15.90 in the butterfly!

There were some really impressive swims and hopefully this was a fun way to practice and perfect your starts and front end speed in preparation for competitions! The meet will stay open until summer for swimmers to update their times and track their progress. Don’t forget to check out the progress chart feature on swimmers' profile pages!