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Mixed Open 15m Freestyle : Caeleb Dressel 15m Challenge

Caeleb Dressel’s start is revolutionizing swimming. The fastest time he's ever been clocked to 15m is 4.96 secs! How close can everyone get to this Olympic star, the clock stops when your hand reaches 15! Check out how we got on! -

Target Time


Competitor Type
RankSwimmerAge TeamTimeTarget %Comment
1Jacob Stephen16Brentwood SC6.53+31.65%
2Brodie Scales17Ulverston ASC6.72+35.48%
3Amelia Mardel16Ulverston ASC6.79+36.90%
4Seth Kelly15Ulverston ASC6.89+38.91%
5Gyoktug Molla16Ulverston ASC6.93+39.72%
6Indya Sharp17Ulverston ASC6.94+39.92%
7Jamie-Leigh Tyson15Ulverston ASC7.00+41.13%
8James Baker14Brentwood SC7.03+41.73%
9Ambrose Taylor14Brentwood SC7.23+45.77%
10Freddie Gray15Brentwood SC7.30+47.18%
11Poppy Tyson13Ulverston ASC7.45+50.20%
12Freddie Weston14Brentwood SC7.90+59.27%
Lee Boka12Brentwood SC7.90+59.27%
14James Knatchbull13Brentwood SC8.10+63.31%
15Edie Newell14Brentwood SC8.24+66.13%
16Alice Ward22Brentwood SC8.36+68.55%
17Nathan Caine14Ulverston ASC8.38+68.95%
18Lydia Newell11Brentwood SC8.48+70.97%